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Dr. Philip Willis Jr.


The Director

Philip Willis Jr. is an Author, a two-time Combat Veteran at the rank of Colonel, a board certified Chaplain, an Instructor in Hapkido, holds a Master of Divinity, Master of Social Work and a Doctorate in Family Ministry. Philip Willis Jr, a graduate of First Army Observer Controller/Trainer Academy (Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center), utilizes his unique experience to promote a spirit of excellence, discipline, and self-esteem in men and adolescent males in urban centers around the world. Through classes, conferences, and seminars, Man College additionally provides personal enrichment for single mothers.


Our Mission

Our Man College Mission is to promote resiliency and self-esteem in young men and single parent families through training and practical exercises.  This training should strengthen their knowledge base, skill set and positive mental attitude.

What We Know

An estimated 24.7 million children live without their biological father. 43% of urban children live away from their biological father. Since 1960, the rate of U.S boys without fathers has quadrupled. This has a devastating impact on children and the family system. Single-mother families are more likely to suffer from economic insecurity than two-parent families. Father loss causes object hunger in males.  75% of all drug users and 65% of all suicides come from fatherless homes.

There Are Two Key Concepts

  1. When a father is absent, modeling needed for body care, male- essential skills, male mannerisms specific and problem-solving skills are not adequately or appropriately addressed; and

  2. Single mothers' self-esteem issues related to past hurts, family relationships, or life challenges may hinder their ability to be emotionally, psychologically and financially available to raise children alone.

What People Say



“This has been a wonderful opportunity for my sons to learn how to think, act and express themselves with confidence.”

“I appreciate Man College because they not only focus on the children but the parents too. It's difficult to raise boys alone. I learned new skills today and I feel better about my situation.”


"I love this program. It's so practical and real. It helped me focus and get disciplined."

"Wow! This was so much fun. I wasn’t sure about it at first but it was amazing."

“I really liked the physical challenges. I thought I was in good shape. I want them to come again for Level II.”

Happy Family

Partner with Man College

We are thrilled to have your support. Through your gift we will be able to continue working towards educating and transforming the lives of young men and families in low income communities. You truly make the difference for us, and we are extremely grateful. Thank you for your generous gift to Man College. Feel free to support by check to our PO Box as well.

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