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Dr. Philip Willis Jr.


The Author

Dr. Philip Willis Jr. is an Author, a two time Veteran of Foreign Wars in Iraq, a Second Degree Black Belt in Hapkido, a graduate of Command and General Staff Officer College, holds two Masters; Masters of Divinity, Masters of Social Work and a Doctorate in Family Ministry. Dr. Willis, a graduate of First Army Observer Controller/Trainer Academy, utilizes his unique skills to promote a spirit of excellence, discipline, and self-esteem in single parents and adolescent males in urban centers around the world. Through classes, conferences, and seminars, Man College provides personal development for boys, training, and parenting seminars.


What We Do

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Relationship/Family Seminars

How to: Defend yourself, Be confident, Self control, Winners mindset  etc.

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Speed of Trust

School Programs and Assemblies
Facilitate  Conferences
Guest Speaker

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Why Fathers Are Needed

Single Mothers

Our Blogs

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